The Data Virtualization Gold Standard

Robert Eve

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Access to and analysis of complete, high-quality actionable information is the key to effective business decisions making. Data virtualization enables IT to provide business with the information it needs with greater agility and lower costs than traditional data integration approaches and technologies.   As a result, business units in every industry are pushing on IT to adopt data virtualization. How does data virtualization apply to your organization? How will you meet your industry-specific data virtualization needs? Will your data virtualization investments pay off? Data Virtualization Adoption Strategies In What Is Your Strategy for Data Virtualization?, five data integration challenges that data virtualization was capable of solving were identified.  Understanding these challenges and solutions can help guide an enterprise's data virtualization adoption strategy ... (more)

NoSQL and Data Virtualization - Soon to Be Best Friends

According to a recent McKinsey Big Data report , "The amount of data in our world has been exploding. Companies capture trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations, and millions of networked sensors are being embedding in the physical world in devices such as mobile phones and automobiles, sensing, creating and communicating data." NoSQL is increasingly being adopted with the expansion of “big data” use cases. The challenge to enterprises is to integrate disparate NoSQL systems, each with its unique and non-standard API, with their traditiona... (more)

Do You Treat Your Customers Like the Ritz?

Have you ever stayed at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel?  If so, you know what a superior customer experience is all about. Are your customers the kings at your enterprise the same way that you are when you stay at a Ritz? Does your enterprise have the information systems to enable your staff to provide the same fabulous customer experience? Or do your information systems force your staff to give your customers the Motel 6 treatment? Existing Customers Are Key to Profitable Business In nearly every business, existing customers deliver the greatest profit margins.  In other words, successful... (more)

IT Insights Brewing at the Data Virtualization Café

Data virtualization is a hot topic today as business and IT realize data virtualization's business agility, time-to-solution and resource savings benefits. As a result, numerous new articles, research reports, white papers, videos and other content become available every day. If you are interested in data virtualization, how do you keep up? Welcome to the Data Virtualization CaféTM The Data Virtualization Cafe or DV Cafe is a microsite 100% dedicated to the topic of data virtualization. You can think of the DV Cafe as your destination for all things data virtualization. With the ... (more)

Data Virtualization Q&A: What’s It All About

"What's it all about, Alfie?" is the first line in the Burt Bacharach sixties classic, Alfie. This lyric came to mind as I reflected back on the over sixty articles I have written on data virtualization over the past few years. These cover nearly every angle on data virtualization including use cases, business benefits, technology, financial justification and more.  Yet, with all this abundance, perhaps readers would value one article that answers the call, "What's it all about?" What Is Data Virtualization? Simply put, data virtualization is an agile data integration method that ... (more)